For football fans, the day is finally here. We can finally scrap the hundreds of mock drafts and have ours eyes glued to the television as we see the real thing unfold.

A lot is on the line for NFL scouts, general managers, and coaches.  NFL franchises have the opportunity to completely change their fortunes depending on who they draft, either in a good or bad way. A great player, typically found in the first round, can come in right away and be a difference-maker. A bust, can set a team back for multiple years.

Sure, most rookies need time to adjust to the level of play in the NFL.

But others are ready to come in right away and take the league by storm. These 10 players will be franchise cornerstones.

Miles Garrett DE Texas A&M


No debate here. Garrett should be the undisputed #1 pick unless the Browns have other ideas. Garrett possesses rare athletic ability that’s comparable to Von Miller and Khalil Mack.

Leonard Fournette HB LSU


Fournette is the real deal. Lived up to the hype that the media and fans put on him. Injuries are the only knock on the once in a generation HB.

OJ Howard TE Alabama


There are no blemishes on OJ Howard’s scouting report. He can do it all in terms of catching the ball and blocking. Safest pick in the draft.

Rueben Foster LB Alabama


Foster’s off the field concerns are exaggerated. He never had a failed drug test (there’s a difference between diluted and failed in my opinion), never got in trouble with the law, and never got suspended at Alabama. Foster will be a staple in any team’s defense for the next 10 years.

Jamal Adams S LSU


Adams is slightly better than Hooker. He is more experienced and can do more things to help a team’s defense. Doesn’t have the ball-hawking ability that Hooker has, but it’s still solid with his 14 career interceptions at LSU.

Corey Davis WR Western Michigan


Most complete receiver in this draft. Reminds me a lot of A.J. Green, not in play style, but how he conducts himself. He is a quiet superstar. Davis can run any route, can catch any ball, and will be a solid number one option for many years to come.

John Ross WR Washington


Only thing knocking Ross is injuries. Scouts question whether or not Ross can hold up in the NFL. If he stays healthy, Ross will become a DeSean Jackson type player with his game changing speed and YAC ability.

Patrick Mahomes QB Texas Tech


I’m buying into the hype. Trubisky may be the better prospect right now, but down the line, Mahomes will be a special player for any team willing to be patient with him. He has freakish arm talent and his ability to extend plays and improvise is an intriguing combination. Mahomes is a project. He needs to improve his footwork and decision making. If he fixes that, we’re looking at the first true gunslinger in this league since Brett Favre. He will break the “Air Raid” quarterback mold.

Joe Mixon HB Oklahoma


Mixon is the second best HB in this class in terms of talent. He easily would have been considered a top 20 draft pick if it weren’t for his actions off the field. I believe his past his behind him and that it was a one time thing. He’s clearly learned from that event and if a team believes that too, they’ll get a special player.

Adoree Jackson CB/KR/WR USC


My favorite player in the entire draft. Adoree is a the very definition of an athlete. He can cause headaches to opposing teams on all three phases of the game. If he’s with a coach that knows how to utilize his talent, watch out. The Saints would be the perfect destination for him with Sean Payton as the head coach. He fills a need on defense and can add a spark on offense and special teams.


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