Bryan Hudnell | Staff Writer

The Field of Dreams was in full effect as young aspiring athletes participated in the third year of the Curt Bly Baseball Camp.

Athletes in grades 3-9 learned a variety of different fundamental skills such as hitting, fielding, and baserunning. They also learned the mental aspect of baseball that can help make or break a game. According to Bly, this was one of the main concepts stressed at his camp.

“We want to take it beyond the fundamental part of the game,” Bly said. “We run a lot of mental training, situational stuff so each athlete is confident and isn’t thinking too much.”

Bly received help from his varsity players and coaches in teaching these skills to the campers. Senior Ben Speer enjoyed schooling the young athletes.

“It’s fun teaching everything I’ve learned over the years,” Speer said. “Teaching the things that Coach Bly has taught us is important because these are skills every baseball player should have.”

Outside of the teaching part of the camp, there were various competitions held throughout the camp. Awards were given at the end of the camp. Bly said he was encouraged by the competitive atmosphere.

“It’s great watching the kids have fun,” Bly said. “The kids are definitely competing hard and having fun. That’s ultimately what baseball is all about.”

With all fun aside, Bly and his coaches made sure that core Mason values were installed during the camp. The team rallies around 45040, Mason’s zip code. Bly wanted his team to play for not only themselves but for the school, the town, and ultimately the community as a whole. Bly wanted to make sure this was implemented in his camp.

“We wanted to build a love and a commitment,” Bly said. “We get behind 45040 as a program. This is our community and our school and we wanted the kids to really believe this as well.”

Bly said he is excited for the future and seeing the impact his camp has on the athletes.

“It definitely will be satisfying as the years progress, seeing the kids who went through camp playing for us and using the skills taught here.”

Check out the article on the CSPN: http://thecspn.com/?p=38237



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