It was Friday, February 26th; I was sitting in my Computer Apps for College class and I suddenly hear my name being called. I saw that same blonde haired girl that brought me to my Chronicle interview. She had a letter in her hand and I knew immediately what it was for.

I applied for the Chronicle last year and I was not accepted. I remember the bitter feeling I felt towards the Chronicle staff and Mr. Conner for not accepting me. I refused to read any of the papers that were handed out and just wanted to forget about the Chronicle altogether.

A few months have passed and it was summer. I had nothing to do so I read all of the Chronicles that I refused to read during the year. As past memories from Comet Country stuffed my head, my attitude towards the Chronicle changed in the process.

I began to reflect on my rejection from the Chronicle and the puzzle was slowly starting to come together. I was nowhere near ready to be on the staff. I had an atrocious interview and I lacked basic journalistic skills that I so desperately needed. Why was I so blind to this earlier in the year?

I decided then that I was going to reapply this year and revamp my interest in journalism. I put my rejection letter and past Chronicle issues in an orange Nike shoebox to remind myself to never give up and to keep working at it.

So when I opened that letter, I was relieved to find out that I was going to be on the staff. Words cannot describe how excited I am to get started and to see my name in print.

I am also looking forward to working with such an amazing staff. I have friends on the staff already but I can tell that I will make many more in the future. Each staff member has a unique talent and brings something to the table. I look forward to learning from each of them.

My path to the Chronicle is unique and I wanted to share this message with my fellow staff members. I am willing to bet that most, if not all of you, were never rejected from the Chronicle like I was. My goal isn’t to make you feel bad, this is not my intention. I want you to consider a perspective that you have never experienced before. There are many students at MHS that are bitter and believe that you do not deserve your position. Believe me, I was one of those people. It is my job and your job to prove them wrong and to embrace the opportunity you have here on the Chronicle. I know I will for sure.


One thought on “My Path To The Chronicle

  1. Bryan, I LOVE this! One of my least favorite parts of being an editor was signing those rejection letters. When I heard you reapplied, I urged the current editors to consider taking you. I’m so glad I did. Your passion for The Chronicle is so admirable and I’m bummed I won’t get to work with you on staff this year. Thank you for writing this and I completely agree that you have matured SO much. You deserve it and you will do great things on staff! Continue to inspire and I look forward to reading your pieces.


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